The Effect of Communication Skills and its Components on the Efficiency of Physical Education Teachers in East Azarbaijan Province
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1PhD student of marketing management and sports media Lecturer of Payam Noor University BONAB
2Master of Physical Education and Physical Education Faculty of Agriculture in charge of Maragha
3PhD student of sport management Gazvin University, Iran
Introduction: In today's world, one of the variables is effective in the success of organizations and improving the efficiency of staff communication skills. Since productivity in countries especially in educational centers is one of the important factors of development of each country and competitive, hidden among countries in the education, research and delivery of scientific and administrative services. Therefore, the purpose of this research is to investigate the effect of communication skills and its components on the productivity of physical education teachers was East Azarbaijan province
Methodology: The research method is descriptive and correlational. The statistical population of this study was all female physical education teachers of the East Azarbaijan province, whose total number was 1302 (635 women and 667 men). According to Morgan table, 302 individuals were selected by cluster and random sampling from Marand, Mianeh, Maragheh and Tabriz 3, 4 and 5 districts. Barton J (1990) and Glendist Productivity Standard Questionnaire (2002) were used to collect data.
To examine the natural distribution of data, the Kolmogorov-Smirnov test was used and for data analysis, independent t-test and multivariate regression were used.
Results: The results showed that communication skills and its components affect the productivity of physical education teachers. The results of this part of the research are consistent with the findings of Zahedi and Najjari (2006) and Coneono (2011) and Theoretical (2015). Among the components of communication skills, the feedback dimension has the greatest impact on employee productivity. The results of this section of the study are consistent with the findings of Mortazavi (2004) and ICANN (2012) and with the findings of Fetrat (2012). Non-consistency can be attributed to the difference in statistical society and research variables. With the development of communication skills and the feedback component among physical education teachers, the productivity of physical education teachers also increases in the organization, which can be of great help to the education department.
Discussion: In general, the excellence of organizations depends on the excellence of the staff, that is, to have a supreme and top-level organization, it must first be excellence and excellence for the employees so that these exalted employees begin and continue the way of excellence of the organization. Excellence and excellence of physical education teachers are realized by developing communication skills and its components. Finally, according to the results of the research, it is suggested to use communication skills and feedback component to increase the efficiency teachers