Prediction of marketing performance through the manager''s recreational business intelligence of sport centers
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1Allameh Tabataba'i University
2University of Tehran
Introduction: In today's rapidly changing business environment, the need for useful business information for organizations not only to make them Successful but also It is vital for the survival of them. Due to the Inability of management information systems, live up to expectation organizational decision makers in competition in recent years, art technologies such as business intelligence become one of the most important concepts in management information systems and is integrated with leading culture organizations (Olszak and Ziemba, 2004). The success of organization and firms Requires more Customer and competitor’s recognition and other factors affecting the market. Needs and demands of customers Are constantly changing and only in case of knowing the Changes the company can be successful. Thus the best Marketing performance has become The most fundamental concern of organization Managers and production companies and try to take Different technique advantages to achieve superior performance (Davidson, 2001). According to Cooper (1997) superior performance depends the ability of an organization in the comprehensive integration with our partners Throughout the supply chain. The goal of this research is predicting the performance of marketing through manager’s business intelligence in the entertainment sport centers of Mashhad.
Methodology: This study was descriptive and correlational and The data collection was conducted in a field and it’s in the type of applied research. The study population included all managers of recreation and sport centers (Pool and fitness club and aerobics) Of Mashhad (N=370). Regarding the distribution and the geographical distribution of these centers in Mashhad 69 executives in the Centers in 4 random area clusters of the city of Mashhad picked up for the present study. Measuring tools for business intelligence, Albrecht questionnaire (2003) And for marketing performance forefront (1383) was selected. In previous research to verify its validity and reliability of Cronbach’s use alpha coefficient for business intelligence (α=0.83) and for performance marketing (α=0.87) was obtained.
Results: The Kolmogorov-Smirnov test, Pearson Correlang an accurate information of their customers and based on that information do Correct decisions and because of decision-making principles and timely business intelligence that is one of the main objectives, which contains a set of analytic applications which is based on experimental data collected by managers and lead to decisions for business intelligence activities.
Discussion: Therefore, this helps you recognize the risks before organization lead to serious dangers and identify business opportunities before the competitors seize them.