Factors Affecting the Success of the In-School Sports Olympiad
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Introduction: The purpose of this study was to investigate the factors affecting the success of the In-school sports Olympiad from the viewpoint of the teachers of physical education, students and Parents.
Methodology: The research method was descriptive survey, and was applied in a field-oriented way. The statistical population consisted of all the teachers of physical education in North Khorasan, school principals and parents of students in Maneh and Samalghan (535 people). Using simple random sampling, 250 of them were selected as sample. Using factor analysis, six factors of ethical resources, financial resources, human resources, material resources and facilities, management resources and technology resources were identified as factors affecting the success of the sport Olympiad in the school and the importance of the factors from the viewpoint of the subjects was examined.
Results: Accordingly, the highest average among the components is related to the component of "ethical resources" and the lowest average is related to the component of "technology resources". Also, the highest average among the components of the ethical resources related to the item "Helps to improve the physical and behavioral health of students participating in an In-School Sports Olympiad." And the lowest average for the "Contribute to the social participation of participating students at the In-School Sports Olympiad".
Discussion: Finally, according to the results, it is suggested that a special attention be paid to the ethical source for better planning of the sporting Olympiad in order to increase the various aspects of the health of the students to improve the useful social relations along with the spirit they are refreshed.