Compilation strategic plan of sport for all in the city of Sanandaj
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1Ph.D Candidate in Sport Management, Razi University
2the coach
3Assistant Professor of sport management, Coledge of Sport Sciences, Razi University
Introduction: The goal of this research was codification the sport for all strategy of Sanangaj city.
Methodology: This study was of strategic and survey studies that has been conducted in a Fieldwork and descriptive - analytic. The population of the study was directors and senior managers of the city General Department of sport and youth and sport corps heads of city and a group of experts. Number of society was 120 that due to limitations of the society, sampling was consummate which out of 120 distributed questionnaires 90 questionnaires were returned to the researcher. Data collected from review the documentation, history and literature study, surveys and meetings of the Steering Council. The survey questionnaire was researcher made. The validity by Ten of experts and masters of sport management and reliability by Cronbach's alpha (0.92) was confirmed. For data analysis, descriptive indicators and inferential Friedman test and of internal and external evaluation matrix and SWOT analysis were used.
Results: The findings showed Sanandaj city sport for all in terms of strategic position and in the internal and external matrix, located in the offensive zone (WO). In this case, the organization must strengthen themselves by restructure and re-evaluate and use environmental opportunities to eliminate its internal weaknesses.
Discussion: Sport as the most important essential to health and wellness in people's lives is. Sport for all as a method of group exercising has an important role in motivating the general public, therefore recommended to the relevant managers in the field of setting the Sanandaj Sport for all program use strategic program of this research.