Investigating the Biomechanical Parameters of Clean and Jerk Weightlifting Based on Image Processing for Obtaining a Standard Pattern to Weightlifter’s Analysis
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Department of Sports Engineering Science and Research Branch of Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran
Introduction: Weightlifting is one of the major sports in the Olympics and has a high level of determination in achieving high rankings. So, attention to the increased level of technical and tactical levels of weightlifters is effective in increasing medal achieving. Substantially, increasing the weightlifters’ performance level is possible by improving the characteristics of kinematic and kinetic technical phases and it would change the method of training and implementing the techniques and practices.
Methodology: In this study, 5 Iranian weightlifter athletes in the Premier League were tested to analyze their correct techniques and movements. Firstly, by using markers (LED lights) the main joints of the athlete’s body were marked; including the shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee and ankle. LED lights were used for marking. The advantage of these lights was their better lighting and lower battery consumption. Thus, the first part of our job was done by making this simple marker. Other instrument was two-sided glue that can be used to attach the marker to one side and the other side to joints. Thus, for this experiment, we attached the markers to 6 identified and analyzed points by using two-sided glue. The other used instrument was a simple handy cam (Sony HDR-XR200) along with a camera base to put it permanently on its location. Using this simply conventional handy cam indicates that we have the ability to do this job with the most conventional cameras.
Results: Here we try to bring all analyzes. In each section, the raw results of MATLAB with the necessary explanations are given. In each section, the results provided graphically for hand and feet separately such as angles ,angular speed, angular acceleration.
Discussion: One of the things that can be raised as a problem in the analysis of athletes is the lack of analysis by machine, purpose of this is that the analysis are carried out in practice rooms by the coach's eye,for example he can give good or bad and can't give precise measure.And we came and investigate problems and try to fix it to have this analysis done by machine rather than man so that we can reduce human errors caused by the analysis. Motion analyzer conduct analysis fully in accordance with the laws of physics and the numbers that are available but cost is high. Analysis by video cameras with high frame (thousand frames per second) is cheaper than a motion analysis system