Identify affecting Safety and security factors on branding of sport events in Iran
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1Tehran university
2Department of sport psychology, Faculty of sport sciences, University of Tehran, Iran
3وزارت آموزش و پرورش
Introduction: The purpose of this study was to identify Safety and security factors that it was affecting on branding of sport events in Iran. Security at Sport Mega Events radically transforms urban areas not only to accommodate the event itself, but to prevent or mitigate potential risks that may disrupt it, from terrorism to hooliganism. Since the 1970s, security planning has become an integral and required part of bidding documents and preparation for hosting sporting mega events. Iran faced some significant challenges in its attempts to make the event ‘safe’.
Methodology: Research methods was qualitative. Interviews method was used to collect data. Research community were experts and elites of sports management, sports events and sports marketing who using theoretical and Snowball sampling 11 individuals were selected.
Results: The results showed, effective factors in the Safety and security of the event included: safety and security of official participants, Safety and security of viewers and audience and fans, safety and security of VIP authorities, safety and security in the venue of the tournament, safety and security outside the venue of the tournament.
Discussion: It should be considered that for more ensure the safety and security, planning and people are trained to do this is necessary. Managers should consider factors affecting safety and security. Then they use of the benefits of branding event, such as an increase in interest and media sponsors, ticket sales, able to enjoy the event, and many others. If numerous economic interests are fundamental to security governance in ensuring public safety at Sport Mega Events, then further research could understand how these security models are currently being developed and disseminated.