Identify and Prioritize the Marketing Barriers of the Islamic Republic of Iran Mountaineering Federation
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1Assistant Professor, Sport Sciences Research Institute, Tehran, Iran
2Master of Sport Marketing Management, Islamic Azad University
3Assistant Professor at Islamic Azad University Abstract
Introduction: The purpose of this research was to identify and prioritize the marketing barriers of the Islamic Republic of Iran Mountaineering federation.
Methodology: It is a practical research, From the perspective of strategy is a combination and in terms of implementation method is Descriptive – Survey Which was done on the field. The statistical population of the study included 109 mountaineering experts. They were experts in tourism agencies, members of the board of directors of the climbing federation, federation staff and provincial authorities, sports marketing management professors. Finally, 10 athletes were selected as the statistical sample. The research instrument was a researcher made questionnaire whose validity and reliability were confirmed. SPSS software was used to analyze the questions at descriptive level. For analyzing the inferential level, the structural equation modeling of Pls software was used and also Friedman test was used in SPSS software.
Results: The results showed that removing barriers to management and personnel, obstacles to facilities and infrastructure, cultural and political barriers, economic and financial barriers, information barriers, barriers to attracting sponsors and natural attractions affect the development of mountaineering markets.
Discussion: Finally, it is recommended that the federation initially improve and develop management factors and human resources and with regard to public relations and advertising, try developing its own brand. In the long run, it can take advantage of marketing opportunities.
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