The relationship between perfectionism and personality traits with exercise dependence on body building
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1دبیر/آموزش و پرورش کرج
2عضو هیات علمی مؤسسه آموزشی مولانا، آبیک، قزوین، ایران
3دبیر/آموزش و پرورش شهرستان نظرآباد
4دبیر / آموزش و پرورش شهرستان نظرآباد sport teacher of Nazarabad city.Karaj.Iran
Introduction: Participation of different people in physical and sport activities as a behavior has always been the mast distinctive aspects of the life of each person is personality. So it can be said that the meaning of personalities is a set or all of characteristics or traits .In his theory he outlines five important personality characteristics as extroversion neuroticism adaptation dignity about the impact of exercise on human personality is that the exercise. Has a positive import on athletes morale and character in a variety of ways. The main purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between perfectionism and personality traits with exercise dependence on body building.
Methodology: The population of this study consisted of all Karaj city athletes with 18 to 30 ages that were 4500 and 350 athletes were selected through Morgan table and simple random sampling. In this study NEO scale (Costa & McCrea,1992), revised form of exercise dependence(Szabo & Grifth ,2004) a,d multidimensional Perfectionism Scale (Hewitt & Flett,1991). In order to data analysis mean, percent, standard deviation was used. Also, Kolmogorov Smirnov test and Pearson correlation coefficient and regression were used.
Results: The results indicate that there is positive significant relationship between conscientiousness and negative significant relationship between neuroticism with exercise dependence . Also, to increase one single duty, 22% addiction to exercise and to increase one single neurosis, 13% addiction to exercise was reduced. In addition, there is positive significant relationship between perfectionism and all its aspects with the addiction to exercise.
Discussion: To interpret this finding, we must who assume responsibility tend to organize, be effective, trust worthy, self-reliant, progressive ,logic-wised and are pander neuroticism is a tendency to experience anxiety, self–destructive behavior, shyness, illogical thinking, depression and low self esteem. People who have these negative traits in gymnasiums are not able to manage to stay in such places for long and this is probably why they pay less attention to sport. Among components of perfectionism to increase one single self-oriented perfectionist, 19% addiction to exercise and increase one community perfectionism,19% addiction to exercise increased. Also, based on the t-test, perfectionism and addiction to sports based on gender were not significantly different, but were significantly different personality dimensions on the basis of gender. This means the more the perfectionism on the side of a person, the more the addition to sport.