The relationship between emotional intelligence and physical fitness with social skills among high school girl students
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1دبیر/آموزش و پرورش شهرستان نظرآباد
2عضو هیات علمی مؤسسه آموزشی مولانا، آبیک، قزوین، ایران
3دبیر / آموزش و پرورش شهرستان نظرآباد sport teacher of Nazarabad city.Karaj.Iran
4دبیر/آموزش و پرورش کرج
Introduction: Adolescence period is an important stage in the development of social and psychological development. In this period, the need of emotional balance, especially the balance between emotions and intellect, understanding the value of the self, self-consciousness, choosing the goals of life, emotional independence from the family, establishing sound relationships with others, acquiring the necessary social skills, recognizing the healthy and effective life is the most important needs of a teenage. Undoubtedly Physical fitness plays an important role in achieving a successful implementation. In the shadow of having a physical fitness skill, life finds another meaning and concept and all individuals social activities will increased, too. Methodology: This study aimed to identify the relationship between emotional intelligence and physical fitness with social skills was in the high school girls. The poplation consisted of all high school girls in the Nazarabad city with number of 2888 pepole and the sample size was selected with cluster sampling random method. The study was correlation for gather in for motion using Schering Siberia emotional intelligence question aired, social skills and physical fitness test. To analyze the data, Pearson correlation and regression coefficients were used.
Results and Discussion: The results showed that emotional intelligence is associated with physical fitness. Emotional intelligence and physical fitness are associated with social skills as woll as the components emotional intelligence, self awareness, self control and emotional intelligence, self control and empathy associated with social skills. Self motivation component was not associated with social skills. Component leg muscle strength, muscle end urance and flexibility , upper body and abdomen was associated with social skills. Agility endurance And caridio. Respiratory, physical fitness component was not social skills.