Validity and reliability of Android phone-based joint angle measurement
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Paper ID : 1075-11THCONF
2Assistant Professor, Department of Sport Injuries and Corrective Exercises, College of Physical Education, Karaj Branch, Islamic Azad University, Karaj, Iran
3Karaj Islamic Azad University
Introduction: Clinical evaluation of joint angles allows clinicians to measure the patient’s status about increasing and decreasing the range of motion or efficacy of the treatment and the subsequent progress. In a clinical setting, joint range-of-motion measurements are an integral part of a physical assessment. The “golden standard” equipment is generally expensive and not available in many clinics, and in many cases, similar equipment is used for evaluation with less accuracy and reliability. Recently by progress in smartphones, software experts designed, produced and deployed smart gadgets that dimmed the need for expensive equipment. In this study, the validity and reliability of some Android smartphone apps that are designed to measure some joints range of motion were investigated.
Methodology: Twenty five women and 25 men (age rang, 20-50 years) were randomly selected from volunteered subjects with and without limitation of joint movements. Each measurement was done two times on target joints (with standard goniometer and smartphone application) for validity assessment and three times with each app for reliability assessment. The Applications were "My Knee" for measuring knee joint, "Hip ROM" for measuring the hip joint and "I set square" for measuring the shoulder, knee and hip joints range of motion.
Results: The Pearson correlation coefficient and intraclass correlation coefficient showed that there is a very strong and positive relationship between apps “Hip ROM”, “I Set Square”, “My Knee” and “Goniometer” in measuring the mean range of knee, hip and shoulder joints. These results indicate that applications have high validity(r=0.99) and reliability (ICC=0.88-0.99) in joint angle measurement.
Discussion: The results of this study showed that smartphone applications “My Knee”, “Hip ROM” and “I set square” on Android devices are useful tools for measuring the range of knee, hip and shoulder joints motions compared to expensive equipment.