The proportion of the ergonomic indexes of the body-building equipments in open spaces of Tabriz with the anthropometric indexes of female users
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1Tabriz University
3Islamic Azad University Central Tehran
Introduction: People go towards green nature and parks where these should make them release of all mental and spiritual problems. As a consequence, the parks and open spaces are the best places and locations for people to make and spend their leisure times and all sport activities having better social interactions together.Among this, the design, construction and installation of sport equipment for raising the physical and muscular ability, the construction of happiness among citizens are the most essential factors for designing these kinds of locations. By installing the sport equipment in open spaces, it can make some high potential opportunities for everyone to achieve his or her sport activity freely. But it should be considered that the application of these parks' body-building equipment can be useful and harmful, too. In this study, the ergonomic indexes of the chest press, leg press and under-arm press had been assessed based on the anthropometrics regarding to the female users trying to distinguish all differences the related anthropometric and the equipment.
Methodology: The related study is an applied-case type of study. For this purpose 500 female living in District 10 of Tabriz Mega-City; also 4 related equipment were installed in every 10 park (a park from every municipality district) as the research sample in this study. The measuring tools for the equipment dimensions and anthropometric indexes of users were also included plummet, engineering roller, roller, collies and set-square. one sample test were also applied in order to analyze the research hypotheses in p≤0.05 significance level with SPSS 22 software in this study.
Results: The results of the study showed that there was observed a significant difference between the related dimensions with the anthropometric indexes of the female users (p ≤ 0.05).
Discussion: The process of standardization of these body-building equipment was necessary process regarding to the ergonomic basics and the anthropometric indexes of all related users. According to the results of the study, most open space body building equipment (chest press, leg press and under-arm) were not ergonomic and there would be observed some physiological damages leading to the physical abnormalities and disorders. Hence, all users were recommended to get confident of all anthropometric indexes (body dimensions) before using these equipment.