The effect of 8 weeks of sports exercises on the ability to memorize English words' students
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Introduction: In this study, the effect of 8 weeks of sports exercises on the ability to memorize English words' students was investigated. Numerous links between mind and body have been documented, and there are reasons to believe physical activity could aid learning. Human and animal studies show brain areas involved in movement and learning are intimately connected, and physical activity could increase those neural connections. The effect of physical activity on math, precision and reaction time has been determined. But less study has examined the effect of physical activity on the ability to memorize English words.
Methodology: This research was carried out on Masoumeh school students (n=28) in Sheshtamad city of Sabzevar County, Khorasan Razavi Province. Students were divided into control (n=12) and training (n=14) groups. The exercises were done in two parts. The first part included daily exercises (for 15 minutes) that included stretching, rotation, jumping, and cooling. The second part consists of weekly exercises (one day per week for 45 minutes) that included running, flexibility exercises, plyometric exercises (jumping over obstacles, hopping, pairs of legs) and local native games (diplopod game, game of tag And dodgeball). In order to take into account the principle of exercise overload, two minutes each week were added to the duration of the entire exercise. A teacher-made test was taken from all students before exercises. For the test,30 words of English and their meanings (which students did not already see) were provided to students for 15 minutes. Students were asked to memorize them. Immediately a test was taken of the same words from the students.
Results: The number of words learned was considered by each student as his grade. To analyze the results, software SPSS version 18 and Paired sampel t test were used. The significance level was less than P=0.05. There was no significant difference (P=0.479) in the control group between pre-test (M=7.83±5.81) and post-test (M=8.57±3.75). There was a significant difference (P=0.028) between the pre-test (M=13.57±8.36) and post-test (M=15.64±8.32) groups in the training group. The results showed that sports exercises increased the ability to memorize English words in students.
Discussion: In the present study, the training program was designed to be applicable in education. Regarding the results of this study, it can be said that morning exercises (15 minutes) and one exercise session in physical education (45 minutes), if properly and high quality run can increase the ability to memorize in students.