The effect of rhythmic gymnastic exercise on the development of enjoyment and fundamental movement skills in children with intellectual disability
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2Department of Motor Behavior Faculty of Physical Education & Sport Sciences Kharazmi University Tehran, Iran
Introduction: Motor development as a continuous and nonlinear process in all people follows a consistent sequence. However, in children with cognitive and motor defects, the time of their emergence and disappearance follows from an inconsistent sequence. Meanwhile, one of the problems that affects children's motor development is mental disabilities. Research has shown that intellectual disability retarded children have some problems with fundamental movement skills and psychological factors. Basic motor skills are the building block, the alphabet of motion, and the basis of future sport skills, and it seems necessary and essential to do the routine work of children. The lack of basic motor skills in mentally retarded children has been documented in subsequent studies. Research has also been scattered on this issue and has shown that with the introduction of a standard program, these basic skills can be improved.
Methodology: The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of twelve weeks on rhythmic gymnastic exercise the development of enjoyment and fundamental movement skills in children with intellectual disability. 30 subjects were randomly selected referrer’s to rehabilitation center in Meshginshahr tested in 15 experience groups and one control group. Before conducting the survey participants homogenized by Test of gross motor development (TGMD-2) as well as observing intellectual scores (50 -70). Post test by TGMD-2 was performed after three months of training. statistical analysis of was performed using ANOVA method according to SPSS 19 software.
Results: The results of the test showed that experimental groups had better performance in gross motor skills than control group (P<0.5).
Discussion: With regard to the results of this study, xbox Kinect training cause the development of gross motor skills in children with intellectual disability. Hence, the coaches, occupational therapy, and physiotherapists are recommended that using motor training programs in every day interventions.