The effect of biofeedback exercises on the anxiety and concentration of elite athletes in Alysh wrestling
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Introduction: Anxiety control during competitions is one of the success factors of athletes. The purpose of this study is to investigate the effect of biofeedback exercises on the anxiety and concentration of elite athletes in Alysh wrestling.
Methodology: The statistical population of this study was all the Alysh wrestlers present in the national league in 1394. After the initial analysis, 40 athletes who showed high scores in anxiety level were selected and among them 30 athletes who scored less than the average scores, were selected as the sample and randomly divided into experimental and control groups. In this research, the Martens Competitive Anxiety Scale and the IVA Auditory Video concentration testing software were used as an instrument. The experimental group received biofeedback intervention during 12 sessions (25 minutes each session) in a matter of about two months. The data was analyzed using independent and correlated t-test for comparison between the two groups.
Results: According to the results of the present study, the effect of biological feedback on the state anxiety and the concentration of professional athletes of Alysh, was influential in reducing the level of state anxiety and increasing concentration level. This method, providing objective and accurate information about the body and brain performance, was able to play an effective role in lowering the anxiety level of the athletes. According to one of the basic principles of physiological function, one can not control a variable unless it receives the necessary information from that variable. In this regard, the fact is that, the more people have access to information about what is happening in their body, the better will they be able to control their actions either consciously or in a rather semi-conscious process.
Discussion: Therefore, this intervention can be used to improve mental status reducing the level of anxiety and increase the concentration of elite Alysh wrestlers.