The effect of eight weeks’ core stability training on motor and exercise function in children and teenager competitive girl swimmers
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1Graduate student of Islamic Azad University Karaj Branch
2Faculty Member of Faculty of Physical Education, University of Guilan
Introduction: In swimming, the main factors of physical fitness that affect on sprint swimming are power, strength and endurance in strength especially in the trunk. These factors are the most important determinants of success. It is believed that favorable central stability caused to complete transfer of the force produced in the body to the upper and lower extremities. Poor central muscle interrupts energy transmission, which reduces performance and increases the likelihood of injury, thus increasing central stability was introduced as a way to reduce the injury and increase exercise performance. The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of central stability exercises on the 50-meter swimming record and trunk muscle performance in children and teenager competitive girl swimmers.
Methodology: 12 children (12-6 years old) and 12 teenagers (16-12 years old) who were members of swimming team in Tehran province that participated in this study. a 50-meter-crawl and a star balance test was performed in pre-test and posttest. each group participated in 24 sessions of selective central stability exercises. Each session lasted 45-minute (3 days a week).
Results: the result of shapiro-wilks test revealed that distribution of data in pretest and post-test were normal. Therefore, covariance test with adjustment of age and pretest were used for comparison between the two groups. The results showed that central stability exercises did not affect the performance of the central body of the body and the record of crawl in children and teenager competitive girls swimmer.
Discussion: Given the contradictions in the results of previous studies, in the field of central stability exercises and the effectiveness of these exercises on motor and athletic performance in athletes, more research into the different ages and sports of the effects of central stability training is needed.