Studying the Role of Socialization on in the Development of ‎Sport Participation in both Public and Championship Sports
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1Assistant Professor Sociology Dept., Social Sciences Faculty, Payame Noor University
2M.A. in Sociology
Introduction: Today, Sport plays an important role in people's life in individual, family, local, national, and international levels. Therefore, considering the importance of the role of sport in society, Purpose of the present study was to investigate the Role of Socialization Factors in the development of ‎sports participation in both public and championship sports.
Methodology: The positivistic methodology and deductive logic of inquiry is used in this study and in order to conduct the research the survey method is employed. The statistical population of the study included all athletes who have granted the sport insurance in north Khorasan province which is consisting of 23,000 public and championship athletes. According to the Krejcie and Morgan (1970) sample size determination table, 390 athletes were selected as sample size. To analyze the data and test the hypotheses, we used the statistical tests like Spearman correlation coefficient and linear regression.
Results: Findings showed that there was a significant and positive relationship between all indicators of socialization (family, work and school environment, peer groups, media) and sport participation. Additionally, the findings show that the 46 percent of the public sport variances and 30 percent of championship sport variances are determined by socialization indicators. The results of linear regression showed that all indicators of socialization could predict the variance of development of participation in public sport and on the other hand all the socialization indicators except peer groups could predict the development of participation in championship sport.
Discussion: It is concluded that According to the findings, the media plays the most important role in the participation development in both public and championship sports.