The Effect of Servant Leadership on Organizational Citizenship Behavior Regarding the Moderating Role of Psychological Empowerment of Employees in Physical Education Management employees of Iranian Universities
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1کارشناس ورزش بانوان دانشگاه رازی
2Ph.D. student of sport management at Razi University
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Introduction: The purpose of this study, was to Investigating the effect of servant leadership on organizational citizenship behavior with regard to the moderating role of psychological empowerment of employees in employees of physical education departments of Iranian universities.
Methodology: The research method is descriptive-survey and in terms of applied purpose. The statistical population consisted of all experts in physical education management in Iran's universities. By sampling the total number of subjects, 240 individuals were selected as samples. For data collection we used to three questionnaires of Servant Leadership (Taylor, 2002), With 4 components (social love, friendship, insight, empowerment), and 24 items that measure the service leader on a five-choice Likert scale (very large, high, medium, low, very small), Psychological Empowerment Questionnaire (Spreader and Mishra, 1995), With 5 components (competence, autonomy, impact, meaningfulness and trust) and 15 questions in the Likert scale (very large, high, moderate, low, very small) and Organizational Citizenship Behavior Questionnaire (podsacov et al., 1990) With 5 components (altruism, duty, chivalry, civic virtue and respect and respect), which includes 20 questions on a five-point Likert scale (I fully agree, agree, disregard, disagree, totally disagree). For Data Analyze, we used to structural equation modeling (SEM) and path analysis by the LISREL software.
Results: The results of the research showed that servant leadership affects organizational Citizenship Behavior and psychological empowerment of employees, and psychological empowerment modifies the effect of servant leadership on organizational behavior.
Discussion: Therefore, we conclude that when managers of organizations, if they are looking for good behavior, can use the leadership style of the servant and take steps to empower the employees. . As a result of service leadership, empowerment and organizational citizenship behavior are strengthened, and experts in physical education departments understand their relationship with the manager and they grow and become empowered in this environment.