The Effects of the Festival of Top Teaching Methods on the Quality of Physical Education
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1آموزگار درس تربیت بدنی آموزش و پرورش استان کرمان
2shahid bahonar universty of kerman
Introduction: Physical Education is the only curriculum required to provide all children and is a necessary part of the school curriculum, also learning is a process that leads to learning and thus changes in behavior,attitude and way of thinking, that education should be taken seriously and the responsibility of the educational system and the teaching staff in this area is very heavy. The factors play a role in the effectiveness of education and the realization of learning, one of which is the teaching methods used by teachers and professors, the teaching method can be defined as a special pattern of teacher's ideas and behaviors that emphasize the facilitator's role.Effective physical education programs, with an impact on the level of activity of the individual during a lifetime and with an educational program based on the acquisition of skills and knowledge, in which case a person is voluntarily encouraged to participate in moderate and intensive physical activity.The purpose of this study was effects of the festival of top teaching methods on the quality of physical education.
Methodology: The research method was survey.The population of the study was includes 1400 teachers, secretaries, administrative and other experts involved in physical education the Kerman province and the research’s statistics samples 302 people was selected by multistage cluster sampling, and instrument of this study was a questionnaire in two section.
Results: The research’s results indicated that in terms of gender (55.9%) men and (44.1%) women ,The mean age of respondents was (X=34/60±5/99),or in terms of service experience with mean (X=11.50±7.32) and based on inferential findings of the Festival of Top Teaching Methods on the Quality of Physical Education had a moderate impact.
Discussion: Exercise in education is important,teachers must have the skills to use different teaching patterns in appropriate physical education to meet the needs of their students. The findings of this study showed that, according to respondents the festival of top teaching methods on the quality of physical education had a moderate impact,Which has been emphasized in other studies. According to researchers, the festival of top teaching methods,first,you have to provide the maximum presence of teachers and,on the other hand,reduce the distance between abstract methods and applicable teaching methods with respect to the cultural environment governing schools. Finally, by providing a seat for the elite community of physical education teachers, provide the ground for the presence of top teaching methods in the school's teacher's yard.