Is there different effectiveness of 12 weeks comprehensive, local, and combined exercises on improving non-athlete girls’ abdominal muscles weakness?
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Introduction: Despite of many studies that have been conducted on abdominal muscles strengthening exercises and so have recommended specific ones, but most of those exercises, however, involve the muscles of the area locally. This is while the area is interfacing and working closely with other parts. According to the recent approach on implementing comprehensive exercises rather than local exercises aiming to performance and posture optimization, the purpose of this study was to determine the effectiveness of comprehensive, local and combined abdominal muscles’ strength exercises and the most effective and desirable recommended corrective exercises program for improving the strength and endurance of abdominal muscles in non-athletes girl students aged 15-17 years.
Methodology: For this purpose 60 schoolgirls which have weak abdominal muscles selected purposefully and divided into four groups randomly: local, comprehensive, combined and control groups. The subjects of the training groups completed 12 weeks corrective exercises program specific to itself, while the control group continued the normal activities of daily living. Local (traditional) exercises usually focus solely on the compatibility of a particular muscle or muscle group separately from the motor chain. Comprehensive core exercises program included Planck exercises or functional movement patterns. In designing of the combined program, the best local and comprehensive exercises were picked up. The Sit-up and Double Straight Leg Lowering tests was used to measure abdominal muscles endurance and strength respectively.
Results: The de Cohen’seffect size in ANCOVA and the results of MANCOVA showed that comprehensive and combined exercises better than local exercises resulted in improved endurance and strength of abdominal muscles. Effect size on endurance test in local, comprehensive and combination exercises was 0.87, 1.15 and 1.03 respectively. Effect size on Strength test in local, comprehensive and combination exercises was 0.93, 0.92 and 0.81 respectively in schoolgirls. The findings showed that abdominal muscle weakness significantly changed after program in corrective exercises (P <0.05). So that the difference in moderate averages of endurance and abdominal muscle strength in the local, comprehensive and combined exercises compared to the control group (Endurance respectively: 1.307, 5.436, 6.865) Number and strength respectively: 24.267, 34.010, 36.830 degree) Significantly.
Discussion: comprehensive and combined corrective exercises in comparison to local one, showed better results in the endurance test of abdominal muscles. Thus the results of present study support the better effectiveness of comprehensive exercises in performance optimization.