Relationship between effective factors of knowledge, insight and skill in the enrichment of sport leisure time on the social intelligence of Imam Reza university students.
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Introduction: Exercise as an active leisure activity plays a crucial role in maintaining the physical, mental and social health of individuals and having a healthy life requires more mobility and activities. In this regard, the purpose of this study was to determine the roll of the dimensions of leisure enrichment on the development of social intelligence of university students.
Methodology: The present study was a descriptive correlational. The statistical population of the study consisted of female students of Imam Reza university (N=2700). For the Data gathering, questionnaires in this research were used from two section that were validated after content validity (expert opinion) and reliability. To collect data, two questionnaires from the researcher-made for sporting leisure enrichment according to (Saatchian and Barzegar, 1396). For analysis of SPSS software, LISREL was used.
Results: The results showed that, among the dimensions of sporting leisure, the skill dimension, insight and knowledge dimension were most important. There is also a significant difference between the components of social intelligence and there is a positive and significant relationship between enrichment of leisure time and all its components with social intelligence. The structural equation model between the sporting leisure time enrichment and social intelligence has a significant goodness of fit.
Discussion: Therefore, according to the finding, it can be admitted that attention to effective factors of knowledge (insight and skills in enriching leisure time of sports students) can play a role in increasing the existing capacities in improving the social intelligence of students, including information processing, Knowledge and social skills. According to the results of researches, consideration of enrichment topics has led to the reduction of unconventional behaviors such as delinquency, indifference, distress, laziness and social anomalies. Similar research and research findings show the fact that sport has a small share of the leisure time of the community, especially students. So Long-term planning and urgent action are necessary for cultural development and increasing the amount of people's interest in sports, especially in the age-old. This issue will be seen in the future as social dilemmas, and those who are far away from sports activities have a lower level of social intelligence than those who are active in sport, and need it to develop their culture.