The Investigation of Athletics Satisfaction from Service quality of Sports Insurances
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1Students of M.A. in sport management in international university of Imam Reza (puh) in Mashhad
2Imamreza international university
3associate proffessor
Introduction: Sport insurance plays a significant role in today's society as a guarantor of the continuity of sport activities. Therefore, evaluation of service quality as one of the most important and critical issues has been identified as effective tools for creating competitive advantage and improving organizational performance in the insurance industry. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to assess the athletes' satisfaction with the quality of sport insurance services.
Methodology: The research method is descriptive and correlational. The statistical population consisted of 250 people who were injured at least one time in sport activities in 1395-1396 and who have been referred to the sports center to receive health insurance services. In this study, 148 athletes were selected using Cochran sampling formula, of which 129 were acceptable. In order to collect the data, a questionnaire from the research literature (Seyyed Javadin, 2010 and Ghorbani, 1395) regarding the quality of insurance services and satisfaction was used, with a reliability coefficient of 0.946 and 0.896, respectively.
Results: The results showed that the quality of service components of the two components of the relationship between the staff and the speed of provision of services are in good condition and other components are in an unfavorable situation. There is also a positive and significant relationship between the satisfaction variable and the components of the quality of insurance services. The results of regression analysis showed that the highest satisfaction prediction was reported by the component of insurance coverage with 46% and the least predictive value was 0.5%.
Discussion: According this, it can be said, among the components of service quality, the proportion of insurance coverage, which is about proportion of the amount of insurance payments received with the received services, and the proportion of insurance with the needs of the injured people, as well as the examination of complaints in a fair manner (which may be change by the costs of payment ), as well as the necessary documents to obtain compensation with satisfaction, all of which may be due to the fact that the injured person refers to the doctor by his own choice and then give the documents on the insurance and all depends on the person himself. Satisfaction is seen in it.. Therefore, if athletes suffering from the provided sports insurance have a good perception, for future insurances, they will be better welcomed and will be the subject of satisfactory audience development.