Factor Analysis of Factors Affecting the Explanation of the Marketing of Color Psychology in the Architecture of Fitness and Aerobic Fitness Clubs
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1Student of the University of Sanabad Golbahar
2Assistant Professor in Sport Management, Imam Reza International University of Mashhad, Iran
Introduction: The purpose of this study was to investigate the factors influencing the marketing of the psychology of colorful architecture of aerobic space and clubs and physical fitness in Mashhad.
Methodology: The method of this study is a descriptive survey of which the required data were field-specific and collected through a questionnaire. A questionnaire from the research background (using Cronbach's alpha coefficient r = 0.92) with 24 questions in the 5 Likert option spectrum was used. Data were analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics and statistically significant (P ≤ 0.05).
Results: The results of exploratory factor analysis showed that five factors had the ability to identify, and in total five factors, 65.04% of the marketing variance explained the psychology of color and emphasized the multidimensional nature of the tool in sport. Also, the average score of all marketing components of color psychology showed a relative relative status, and the factors of penetration power, emotional psychological, color personality, diagnostic power and mental relation of the order were the highest priority for using the clients of the clubs.
Discussion: According to the analysis of the findings, the importance of marketing and customer attraction for clubs, in particular the consideration of the principles of color psychology, indicates the necessity of recognizing the factors that influence the design of spaces and sports facilities. This review could have a positive and different impact on customer acquisition in fitness and aerobic fitness clubs. Understanding the colors and paying attention to the impact on people can be a new way of marketing and, besides, attracting customers and especially welcomed by customers. On the other hand, advertising and creating psychological attitudes can create a peripheral color with the relaxation or attractiveness of the corresponding sports field in the club.