The study of obstacles to the development of sport wrestling in Lorestan province
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1Islamic Azad University of Roudhan Branch
2Islamic Azad University of Roudehen Branch
Introduction: Exercise is increasing day by day around the world and our country as well as other developing countries must enter the international sport arena, and when the subject of competition and competition comes, the difference between countries with The science of sport is revealed. Perhaps the ship is one of the most important sports in Iran, which is considered the most popular sports activity in Iran. In general, in this research, we tried to identify the barriers and problems facing this field in the province of Lorestan.
Methodology: This research is a descriptive-survey study.
Results: The obstacles to development of sport boats in Lorestan province in order of priority and importance of impact.
Discussion: According to the results of this study, experts and ship specialists considered 12 factors as the main and most important causes of unsuccessful factors in wrestling in Lorestan province. The most important factor that respondents indicated was the lack of investment in the private sector of the province in the ship sector, and then lack of funds and facilities at the provincial level, and the variables of lack of management and coaching stability at the provincial clubs and lack of scouting bases from low The most important causes were identified in this regard. Sha'bani (1390) mentioned the lack of funds and equipment in the two countries' affairs as a challenging cause of athletic sports in the country. It can be concluded that financial resources and equipment in most fields are the main obstacles and challenges of this field.