The influence of educating the right pattern for daily activities to parents on girl teenage student's posture with upper body imbalance.
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1university of guilan
2Department of Physical Education and Sport Sciences, University of Guilan, Rasht, Iran
Introduction: Postural development progresses through a series of stages (growth spurts, development of balance and coordination, postural stability) which occur when children are at school age. We believe that educating towards a balanced-posture, body-function and movement patterns, can minimize and even prevent these problems. The main aim of this study was to encourage parents to perform pro-health behaviors oriented toward maintaining an appropriate body posture of their children.
Methodology: The examinations covered 96 subject a group of 23 intervention subjects and 25 control, with upper body imbalance, children ages 11 to 13 years (mean=11.63±58), BMI (19.80±4.28) and their parents. The pupils recognized in the screening test, both groups covered children in whom postural defects were diagnosed of their upper body. The study aimed to assess the postures of children whom their parents involved an educational program in comparison with a group of children whom parent without involved in the curriculum. Examinations have been conducted twice, first at before educational program, and Post-tests were performed within 3 months after programm completion.
Results: In the main group, statistically significant changes between the performed examinations were noted. Whereas the educational of right patterns daily activities program resulted in decreased postural defects and increased knowledge(P.000). In the group of children that their parent involved in the postural prevention program, the weight of school bags was significantly reduced (P.004). Also we observed the changes in body posture abnormalities and knowledge in control group.
Discussion: This objective was particularly important for students because the manner of movement pattern exemplification will influence children’s lives in the future. The results in examined groups of children whom that their parents involve in the postural prevention program were linked to implementing the prevention program in the main group. Also Reducing abnormalities in the control group can be due to the sensitivity of the students to education program.