The Effect of Organizational Learning Components on Organizational Effectiveness from the View of Employees of Sports and Youth Departments of Hamedan Province
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1daneshgah razi
2استادیار دانشگاه رازی، کرمانشاه
Introduction: The effectiveness of physical education and exercise programs in our society depends on the positive and constructive transformation of organizational learning in sports organizations. Organizational learning is one of the key strategies for improving organizational effectiveness. Therefore, the present study aims to investigate the effect of organizational learning components on the effectiveness of the organization from the viewpoint of employees of the sports and youth departments of Hamadan province.
Methodology: The research method is descriptive and correlational. The research community includes all staff members of Hamadan province's sports and youth departments, which were selected from 200 individuals based on sampling by community of 200 employees of Hamedan province's sports and youth departments. The research tools are organizational learning questionnaire and organizational effectiveness questionnaire. The validity of this questionnaire was approved by sports management professors and Cronbach's alpha values were 0.82 for organizational learning and organizational effectiveness of 0.79 was verified. The Kolmogorov-Smirnov test was used to analyze the data to determine the nature of the data distribution as well as the path analysis. The software used was SPSS version 24 and LISREL 80.8.
Results: The results indicate that acquisition of knowledge as a backbone for other components plays an essential role in enhancing effectiveness. In general, organizational learning is effective on organizational effectiveness.
Discussion: The effect of organizational learning on organizational effectiveness indicates that the organization can increase the organizational effectiveness for organizational use by acquiring knowledge and making cognitive and behavioral changes. Therefore, it is suggested to managers of sports organizations to prepare the ground for using organizational learning.