The Effect of Different Dimensions of Security on the Behavioral Goals of Sport Tourists in the Ski Courses of Tehran
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Paper ID : 1256-11THCONF
1University of Eyvanekey
2Assistant Professor of farhangian University
Introduction: Winter sports are one of the attractions of the country. Security is one of the key issues in developing sport tourism. The need to pay attention to the security of sports tourists, including sports tourists in ski courses, can attract more tourists to these places. So, the researcher is looking for the answer to the question of how much security is affecting the behavioral goals of winter tourists in ski courses in Tehran.
Methodology: The method of the current study was applied in terms of purpose and was correlated in terms of method and strategy. The statistical population of the research was all tourists of ski courses in Tehran Province. Using cluster sampling method and using Cochran Formula for unlimited society, 384 individuals were selected as a sample. In this research, Tourism Security Questionnaire of Mamoudi et al. (1394) and Carol Tourism Behavioral Goals (2009) were used. Reliability of the research tool was obtained by Cronbach's Alpha method for tourism security questionnaire ( = 0.751) and tourist behavioral goals ( = 0.835). Data analysis was conducted based on the structural equations model by using Amos Software version 23.
Results: the findings showed that psychological security (-0.461, Sig-0.001, t-6.117), economical security (-0.336, Sig-0.001, t-5.471), social security (-0.422, Sig-0.001, t-5.819) have on athletic tourism behavioral goals in ski courses of Tehran and was not meaningful the effect of environmental security on tourism behavioral goals (-0.13, Sig-0.058, t-1.722). Regarding the standardized regression coefficients (beta), psychological security, social security and economic security has the most effect on the tourists' behavioral goals.
Discussion: Finally, due to the effect of different security dimensions on the tourist goals in ski courses, the officials and managers of these sectors can consider and improve the security situation of the courses, especially in the social and psychological security to provide suitable conditions for the prevention and the attraction of tourists in ski courses