A Comparative study of Public Sports Participants and Non-participants in Abarkuh
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3PhD in Sport Management ,Department of Physical Education, Taft branch, Islamic Azad University ,taft,Iran
Introduction: Participating Public sports along with taking part in recreational activities leads to gaining Physical and mental advantages and improving their life quality. This study aims at comparing the life quality of participants and non-participants in Abarkuh.
Methodology: The descriptive research method includes correlations. The research group includes 242 participants and 380 Non-participants in Abarkuh during 1396, selected by random sampling. The measurement tools of this research include two questionnaires; the demographic questionnaire and the life quality one consisting 192 questions by David Az Evans and Copvindy (1989). Validity of questionnaires was confirmed by 10 physical education and sport science professors in sport management orientation and The reliability of the life quality questionnaire was measured by Cronboch Alpha Coefficient to be 89%. Analyzing the data, the descriptive statistics techniques (Frequency, Mean, and Standard Deviation) and inferential statistics (Kolmogorov - Smirnov Test, Levene’s Test, Independent T-Test, Analysis of variance Test) at the level of significance of α="0,05" were used .In this regard, in order to analyze the information gathered from SPSS (21) softwar.
Results: The results showed that there is a significant difference between the life quality of participants and non-participants in public sport (p<0.05) showing a better life quality for participants comparing with the non-participants.
Discussion: Generally, The life quality, condition of sub scales of physical well-being, personal growth, social relations, job satisfaction, and creative behavior of public sports participants was better than Non-participants. Moreover, the life quality of the male and female public sports participants was better than Non-participants.