Comparisons of Three Methods of Modeling on Learning of Basketball Free Throw Skill in Novice Female Students
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Paper ID : 1273-11THCONF
Department of Motor Behavior, Faculty of Sport Sciences, Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz
Introduction: Modeling is one of the most effective factors affecting learning. This method is a type of education method that increases benefits of learning of motor skills includes the performance representation to enhance the productivity of the learner, which aims to learn a skill from this. The purpose of the present study was investigating of the comparison of three ways of modeling on the learning of the basketball free throw skill in novice female students.
Methodology: Participants were 30 volunteers’ undergraduate female students of institute for higher education ACECR Khouzestan. That based on the scores obtained in the pre-test by using basketball free throw were divided into three groups of 10: live modeling group, video modeling group and combination group. Training to each of the groups was performed for 3 weeks and 3 sessions per week. After the last training session, post-test performed and then retention test performed 48 hours later.
Results: The results showed that all three educational methods significantly improve performance in acquisition and retention stages (p<0.05). The results showed that both groups had significant progress in the post-test (acquisition phase) and retention test. In acquisition stage there was significant difference between three groups that combination group was batter that tow other groups. In retention test there were significant differences between the live modeling and the video modeling, also between video modeling and combination one. But there was not significant difference between live modeling group and combination one whereas the combination group was better than other one.
Discussion: Therefore, it can be concluded skilled modeling improves the performance of novices but the combination modeling lead to more sustainable learning. Therefore, it is recommended that coaches and teachers when teaching sports skills combine both of tow live and video modeling for improving motor skills learning.