Survey on relationship marketing factors with it’s success in E-Commerce (A Case Study of Adidas Sporting Goods)
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1MA in sport management, Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Sciences, Allameh Tabataba’i University, Tehran, Ira
2MA in sport management, Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Sciences, Tehran University, Tehran, Iran
By improvement of networking and communication system such as: internet, sellers and costumer relationship and generally rational marketing have been influenced. These systems caused companies to enter into a huge competition, to let clients choose with a vast domain of choices, to get their needed products easier and cheaper. The main point is, considering enhancement of these technologies and e-tech, how companies could be successful in the marketing; on the other hand what are the rational marketing’s elements? Companies’ success in e-business can lead us to gain a bigger share of the outside market in mentioned field, success could also been assessed by customer satisfaction. In this current research we wonder if the successful business marketing elements could end up to making an e-business successful as well or not. Can these elements bring us customer satisfaction? Whether considering e-business can improve organization learning? Here is the main question, what are the useful elements of rational business marketing in e-business? For these reason main goals of this research is identifying effective elements of successful rational marketing and also give some solution to make the rational marketing more effective in e-business. By assessing conceptual model dictionary and its model alternatives we conclude the solution. We can categorize rational marketing to 5 main groups by investigating 24 key elements of it, these groups are: Communication system, Information quality, management, and website quality. By giving out questionnaire to 137 person and using SPSS-19 we conclude to main research hypotheses called success element of rational marketing are effective in e-business. Test data is normally distributed (Kolmogorov-Smirnov test) revealed that the distribution of observations in each of the variables was normal, parametric tests were used for data analysis. To evaluate the desirability of each of the variables used in the companies studied we used t- student test these were fixed and variables of each of the companies surveyed have a favorable situation. Correlation and regression test a minor hypothesis was confirmed using the structural equation modeling software end, the main hypotheses were confirmed. The Friedman test was defined relationship marketing factors are equally important, and rank of each factor was determined.