Investigate the impact of sport media advertising (TV) and non-sports on consumer behavior
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Introduction: Nowadays Operating staff advertising for the creation of a well-known benefit use of contexts and of methods have been soared in recent years, is sport.Today sport has become big business and industrial dynamic.The aim of this study is to investigate the impact of sport media advertising (TV) and Non-sports on consumer behavior.
Methodology: Study the nature and purpose and in terms of analytical method. Population of study includes all athletics of bodybuilders of Mashhad is 54000. According Morgan table chosen 384 were selected. In order to collect data,the researchers' questionnaire Advertising that contains 22 questions and 4 components were used. Sports management experts confirmed questionnaire validity and its reliability were confirmed by cronbach’s test respectively for sport media advertising (TV) 0.93 and for Non-sports media advertising (TV) was 0.94. Used To analyse the data from descriptive statistics and sample sign test and Mann-Whitney .
Results: The results showed that sport media advertising (TV) respectively on awareness of the products and totally on consumer behavior but Non-sports media advertising (TV) not effective on consumer, and results showed there is significant different between sport media advertising and non-sport media advertising.
Discussion: One of the most important factors influencing the formation and continuation of patterns of consumption and especially the selection of products by consumers is environmental factors and among the environmental factors of advertising awareness. Sport media advertising affects their users' thoughts and behaviors, and even these effective promotions can prove that there is a difference between the different tastes of their low-consumption and consuming audiences. Sport media advertising can reinforce the hypothesis of media impact on their audience because sport media advertising has long-term effects on the audience's attitude, which is indirect, gradual, and small, but congested‌ and increasing.