The Impact of Social Responsibility Components on the Quality of Services in Private Impact Sports Clubs in Shiraz
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1دانشگاه دولتی شهرکرد
2Academic member of Shahrekord State University
Introduction: Nowadays, with the advancement of technology and complexity of work, social responsibility has been increasingly taken into consideration. Social responsibility in sports clubs is considered as one of the most important responsibilities for providing sports services. Explaining the field of this study, the study will continue to identify the components of social responsibility and its impact on the quality of providing sports service.
Methodology: The research was descriptive and survey based on the field method. The population of the study consisted of customers of private sports clubs in Shiraz. Based on cluster sampling, four districts of Shiraz were selected and then from each region, 15 private clubs (a total of 60 private clubs) were randomly selected. Finally, 400 customers were selected as research sample. The measurement tools include the questionnaire of China Liu (2008) and Jeremy Galliebert Social Responsibility (2010) which has four dimensions of economic, legal, ethical and humanitarian responsibilities: instrumental reliability through Cronbach's alpha coefficient (/91) And the content and formal narrative have been confirmed by the professors of the university's sports management. SPSS software is used to analyze data.
Results: The findings showed that there is a significant relationship between the components of social responsibility and the quality of providing sports services, and among the components studied, the highest legal responsibility and moral responsibility had the least effect. The effect of the components of social responsibility on the quality of providing sports services means that, based on changes in the components of social responsibility, the quality of service delivery can be well measured.
Discussion: The results showed that the role of social responsibility components is positively and significantly related to the quality of providing sporting services. In other words, sports club clients, as much as their social responsibility, directly affect the quality of presentation Sporting services affect.