Identify effective factors in connecting with private club clients
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1دانشجوی کارشناسی ارشد
2Academic member of Shahrekord State University
Introduction: Effective factors in connecting with customers are a set of measures taken to attract, maintain, develop and optimize long and valuable relationships between the sports club staff and customers; To this end, all sports clubs can improve their position in this competitive market through (CRM). Therefore, the present study aimed to identify the effective factors in establishing relationships with clients of private sports clubs in Isfahan (Mahmoudi, 1395).
Methodology: The method of this research is descriptive-correlational, which was carried out in field form. The statistical population of the study consisted of customers of private sports clubs in Isfahan which were selected based on cluster sampling in 5 areas of Isfahan city. Then from each region, 14 private clubs (totally 70 private clubs) were selected randomly. The research sample included 400 of the club's customers. The data gathering tool was a researcher-made questionnaire consisting of 72 questions. The content and content validity was verified by 10 sports management professors. Reliability was also reported using Cronbach's alpha of 0.75. For data analysis, descriptive statistics and inferential statistics of Pearson correlation and multiple regression were used simultaneously.
Results: The results of the research showed a significant relationship between the six effective factors in establishing relationships with clients of the private sports club in Isfahan. Among these factors, the quality of exercise programs had the most impact and access to private clubs had the least effect (p ≤ 0.001, R = 0.464).
Discussion: Based on research findings, club managers need to pay particular attention to promoting physical education and training programs in order to establish more effective communication with their clients.