A model of consumer shopping behavior for football league spectators (case study: spectators of the sports club of Tractor-sazi-Tabriz)
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1daneshjo arshad eyvanakey
2Assistant Professor of farhangian University
Introduction: Nowadays sports sponsoring has become a significant global industry in a way that large companies are tending to invest billions of dollars in this domain and therefore related scientific studies are rapidly increasing in numbers. Most of previous studies regarding sport sponsoring have elaborated on the causal aspect of this phenomenon and therefore scientific gaps can be seen in the context of manner of functioning of sports sponsoring among the fans especially in Iran. Suitability of relationships between fans and sponsors is one of the most important sports sponsoring related domains and improves the effectiveness of sport sponsoring. Consequently, the present study tries to propose a model that is capable of describing the behavior of sports fans in sports sponsoring.
Methodology: The present study is a descriptive-correlational study that is also considered as a filed study. The population of the study was consisted of the entire spectators present at the games of the sports team of Tractor-Sazi-Tabriz in 2015-2016. Through the application of the Cochran's formula, 384 individuals were selected as the sample of the study. The data collection instrument of the study was the questionnaire developed by Chen et al., (2014). Content validity of the questionnaire was approved by 8 physical-education professors while the reliability of the former questionnaire was approved by the Cronbach's alpha method (728/0=α). Structural model based data analyses have been performed in the PLS v.3.0 software.
Results: Findings indicated that team attachment has positive and statistically significant effects sponsor image (β=0.629، Sig=0.001، t=20.423); word-of-mouth advertising (β=0.263، Sig=0.001، t=5.583) and; intent to buy (β=0.293، Sig=0.001، t=7.037). In addition other findings of the study revealed that sponsor image has a statistically significant and positive effect on word-of-mouth advertising (β=0.606، Sig=0.001، t=13.417) and intent to buy (β=0.339، Sig=0.001، t=6.173). in addition it was found out that word-of-mouth advertising has a positive and statistically significant effect on intent to buy (β=0.233، Sig=0.001، t=4.431). the overall results have shown that sponsor image and word-of-mouth advertising mediate the relationship between team attachment and intent to buy.
Discussion: In general, the present study can be considered as turning point for corporations that intend to become a sports sponsor. Having a sponsor is a highly important for a team, however for corporations with their marketing strategy based on high rates of sales financing can be effective only if their products are readily consumed while also bearing an advantage for the target market.