Sport status in prediction of substance abuse among students
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1University of Tabriz
2Azarbaijan Shahid Madani University
Introduction: The present study was done to investigation of sport status in prediction of substance abuse from point of view of universities student’s.
Methodology: To do this, after the survey of literature review, three factor of individual, family and social extracted and their items were identified. In the following to get sport items in addiction prevention, we used “using sport for drug abuse prevention” handbook published by United Nations and written by United Nations Office for Drug Control and Crime Prevention. Face and content validity was confirmed by elite panel. Then 200 student from Tabriz and Azarbaijan Shahid Madani Universities, who were resident of the dormitory, completed that questionnaire. Data analysis were done by Structural Equation Modeling, exploratory factor analysis, Cronbach Alpha, Pearson correlation coefficient, Spearman correlation coefficient and chi-square.
Results: Results did not supported from structural equation model of sport status in substance abuse (RMSEA = 0.303، NFI = 0.659، CFI = 0.662، IFI = 0.674). The most important factor were social, sport and then individual and family form student’s point of view, respectively. In the following, exploratory factor analysis showed that two items of sportive and non-sportive factor predicted 24.25 % of variance. Also, correlation between factors and total score showed that these items assessed the same subject ( 0.73 ≤ r ≥ 0.83). In addition, Cronbach's alpha showed that this questionnaire has good internal consistency (α= 0.93) and also in sportive factor (α= 0.93) and non-sportive factor(α= 0.89).
Discussion: It seems, young students who resident in dormitory due to being away from family and new experience of social environment of dormitory and understanding the importance of community issues and affecting by others , social factor is emphasized more than other factors. Also, attitudes on the Prevention of substance abuse through sport questionnaire showed suitable validity and reliability in students.