Report on effects of training and Eriobotrya on MANF of brainstem and cerebellar, GDNF of brain stem, dopamine, tyh of Parkinson's Rat
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Introduction: In this study we investigate the effects of 12 weeks of optional training on the use of Eriobotrya Japonica extract from MANF cerebellum and brain stem, GDNF stem and dopamine and TYH scapula on induction parkinsonian mice with 6-OHDA injections in four protocols.
Methodology: In our studies, rats were divided into healthy control, healthy exercise,exercise-Parkinson,Extract-Parkinson's,exercise-extract-parkinson’s, as well as base, control-Parkinson's training control groups. training group trained for12weeks as optional. Parkinson's practice was developed after injecting solution-6 OHDA solution. Data were analyzed using One Way ANOVA.
Results: In the first study, training and extract significantly prevented the reduction of dopamine in Parkinson's rats (P=0.001), but TYH did not differ with the extract in the exercise (P=0.884). In another, exercise and extracts inhibited MANF reduction in brain stem (P=0.001). MANF decreased in healthy exercise (P=0.001) and in PD, but its combination did not prevent MANF reduction (P=0.169). In the other exercises and extracts significantly reduced the MANF of cerebellum in pretreatment groups (P=0.03) and (P=0.023). The result of the next study showed a significant difference between the levels of GDNF in the healthy control group and PD(P=0.004), as well as the difference in PDwith Parkinson's control (P=0.015). The difference between the mean of Parkinson's extract and Parkinson's control was not significant (P=0.091). There was a significant difference between the levels of GDNF in the exercise and the control compared to Parkinson's control (P=0.008). The levels of GDNF in Parkinson's Extract with Parkinson's Control (P=0.091), Parkinson's Extract with Control (P=0.016) were not significantly different.
Discussion: The study of Mohammadi et al. (2010) illustrates the potential effect of premedication on optional exercises on neurotransmitting GDNF cells in brain stem of subjects. Concrete exercise alone did not have any significant effect on GDNF. Exercise composition and antioxidants significantly inhibited GDNF reduction. Then the extracts and exercise with and without each other have neuroprotective effects. In the protocol of Mohammadi et al., Exercise, extract and exercise separately prevented the reduction of GDNF in the brain stem. In the fourth study, the optional extra exercise prevents the destruction of neurons and can be recommended as a low-cost non-prescriptive method for dealing with PD. In the recent study, exercise and extract did not affect on the TYH of the stomach. The results indicated that the extract with optional training can protect the virgin against 6-OHDA and have a protective role against PD.