Investigating the relationship between coach’s misbehavior and group solidarity in Male football players of Iran’s premiere league
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Alireza Emamifar
Introduction: Coaches are regarded as leaders and main managers of each football team and therefore they should learn the principles and methods of managing, the application of the power of coaching and also the effective ways of communication with players. This study investigated the relationship between coach’s misbehavior and group solidarity in Male football players of Iran’s prime league.
Methodology: The population size of this study related to all of those football players who played in Iran’s prime league and about sample size of this study, with random selection and using Morgan Table Size (MTZ), is 96 person. Data collection and Identification of Principle components were performed by using Normalized questionnaire: 1) Misbehavior Questionnaire designed by Bolouri Zade (2013) and, 2) Solidarity of a team designed by … (1997). Cronbach's alpha 0.87 and 0.82, respectively, measured for misbehavior and solidarity questionnaires. In order to analyzing data we have used to descriptive statistics (Frequency, Mean, Std. Variation and also Graph) and Inferential statistics (Shapiro-Wilk test to evaluate normal distribution of data, Multivariate correlation coefficient to identify the relationship among variables and also Regression analysis to identify the role of study variables). All this procedures were done by Spss 19.
Results: Findings have shown us a negative and significance relationship between coach’s misbehaviors and group Solidarity. This means that amount of misbehavior done by coach negatively and significantly decrease the group solidarity. But this is not all. The other sides of results have shown no significance relationship between bodily and sexual abusive misbehavior with group solidarity. Neglecting misbehavior from football coach was the other aspects significantly influence group solidarity in negative way.
Discussion: These findings suggested that coaches should obliged to pay more attention to their behavior and way of communicating with their player and also learn more about the influence of their misbehavior on the efficacy of the group solidarity. This could help them to build more coherent football team.