Effects of physical-movemental games on emotional intelligence in preschool children
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1MA student, Sport Psychology, Allameh tabataba’i University
2MA student, motor learning, Allameh tabataba’i University
3Associate professor,sport and exercise psychology, Allameh tabataba’i University
Introduction: The fun nature of children's play often makes hidden the importance of game itself.The game is a hobby, in addition it guarantee different types of behavior which their duty is to help variety of important aspects of social, emotional and intelligence progress of children.The purpose of this study is to investigate the effect of 4 weeks Physical-movement activity on children's emotional intelligence between 5-7 years old.
Methodology: The research sample included 30 qualified pre-school children in Mashhad Which were selected from 2 institutes and divided into two groups of 15 experimental and control groups.To investigate the emotional intelligence, a researcher-made questionnaire was used which had been validated by Hadi Kajbaf Nejad in 2014.the experimental group played physical-movement games during 4 weeks and in each week 2 sessions and in each session 60 minutes.During this period, the control group did daily activities in kindergarten. after practical intervertion ,the last step pre-tests were hold from two groups.The covariance test was used to analyze data.
Results: The results of the study showed that physical-movement games on so called components of perception and expression of excitement, intelligence and understanding and evaluation of emotional intelligence in the control group had a significant effect (p <0.005), but no significant effect on the management and excitement component of these children was observed (p>0.05).
Discussion: Based on this, it can be concluded that physical activity is exciting for children.These games provide children with experiences that can be used to calm down when they are single and sad, and these games have affected some components of the emotional intelligence of preschool children.In general, they have helped them learn patterns for adjusting and expressing excitement and consolidating themselves. So it is recommended to use more physical-movement games in preschool centers.These games help your child to interact with his/her friends with emotional intelligence.