The study of factors affecting on sailing-based tourism, water rafting (the case study of Maragheh)
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1PhD student of sport management Gazvin University, Iran
2PhD student of marketing management and sports media Lecturer of Payam Noor University BONAB
3Master of Physical Education and Physical Education Faculty of Agriculture in charge of Maragha
Introduction: The aim of the present research is identifying the structures effecting on sailing–based tourism, water rafting and representing its development strategies in Maragheh. To attain this goal, the research has applied the inductive logic procedure and the experts and specialists, opinion using documentary – field studies for identifying the structures and factors effecting on the development of sailing–based tourism, water rafting.
Methodology: The type of study is descriptive – correlation one and the statistical population of the research consists of 70 experts and specialists of (university professors in the fields of sport management, urban management, tourism management, sport official and employees of Maragheh) who had enough knowledge and knew Maragheh sufficiently as well. The statistical sample was determined by using a snowball and it was tried to determine the total amount of statistical population , after the documentary – field studies using structural equation and factor analysis, six structures and forty eight items related to the development of sport tourism based on sailing in Maragheh were identified discovered and confirmed in two parts of internal factors and structures (23 items) and the external (25 items).
Results: It was shown that sixfold structures are suitable analysis models for the development of sailing and it resulted tourism in Maragheh. Also, the calculation resulted from single-sample t-test pointed to the significance of the calculation and showed that different of Maragheh in the field of the development of sailing – based sport tourism are average.
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