Investigating the relationship between consumer engagement and the effectiveness of new methods of advertising in sports venues
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2Academic member of Shahrekord State University
Introduction: Since the different cultural, social and ideological teachings of the customers have a great influence on advertising. Therefore, given the globalization of sports that began in the 1980s, it has changed the role of sport in society And created many revenue generating opportunities for individuals, institutions, media and advertising. Sporting events in advertising as an effective factor in attracting customers with direct and indirect effects play an important role in consumer purchasing decision making. The purpose of this research was to investigate the effect of modern sports advertising through new tools on customer acquisition.
Methodology: The method of this study is based on the purpose of the research and in terms of descriptive-survey method of causal type. The research instrument was a researcher-made questionnaire that verified its formal and content validity and its reliability. The statistical population of this research included audiences, amateur and professional athletes present at private sports facilities in Isfahan.
Results: The results of this research indicate that advertising effectiveness has been confirmed through new tools for attracting customers. It was also found that written and unpublished advertising has a different effect on the types of introverted and extraterrestrial personality.
Discussion: Therefore, it is suggested to use in the form of slogans and placards to attract customers, both introverted and outsourcing, in addition to media advertisements. And also, given that consumer needs are different, and each has a special role in improving the quantitative and qualitative demands of customers, most importantly cultural and social needs, sports can have a significant impact on these needs.