Identify of Sport’s Stars Soccer Brand
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Introduction: Nowadays, using of sports stars, especially football, has greatly boosted in marketing and promotional programs. Sport stars, as advertising agencies, can play an important role in buying opinions and behaviors of the audience with a view to their unique characteristics and encourage consumers to use a particular product. In fact, the sports stars are known as an example of the mentally and mentally oriented leaders and, in the form of a reference group, are capable of directing the tendencies of consumer preferences towards the product and brand of the product. Expansion of the use of cyberspace as well as marketing strategies provide the basis for the success of business sports. The purpose of this research was to investigate the factors that affect brand marketing of athletes.
Methodology: The study population included all experts and elite sport management. For this purpose, using snowball sampling 90 individuals participated in this study. Questionnaire was used for research, have ten subscales. Descriptive (frequency, mean and frequency tables) and inferential statistics (Cronbach's alpha, factor analysis and Friedman test) were used to analyze the data.
Results: The results of the research showed that sporting specialty had the most important role and role model in the brand of athletes.
Discussion: It can be concluded that what is important in an athlete's brand is his expertise in the field of play. No matter how much the athlete has a higher level of specialization and can show a good performance in the competition, the brand shows a better brand, as the consumer prefers to consume quality goods, they prefer In an advertising program, use an athlete who has the expertise, the style of competitive competition and the most competitive. This will help sports managers and executives to pay special attention to these athletic brand affairs and focus their efforts on these dimensions.