The role of sport for all in shaping the social and cultural personality of the community
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Introduction: One of the methods for using spare time is sport for all, which is a form of physical activity or regular presence in physical activities. Physical activity is defined as any activity with the aim of improving physical or mental health. Sport for all is always a supplementary part of personal and family life and plays an important role in the usage of spare time, mental relaxation and social formation of the community. It can be said that the meaning of the person is the set or all of the characteristics and traits of an individual about the effect of exercise on a person's personality that affects the spirit and character of the athlete. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to investigate the role of is sport for all in shaping the social and cultural personality of society.
Methodology: This qualitative research has been conducted with deductive reasoning and information gathering has been done through interviews with experts and sports management professors of Tehran province. Hence, 20 gymnastics professors participated in the semi-open interview and after the saturation, the interviews ended.
Results: The results of content analysis were not interpreted through interviews that sport for all as one of the most important phenomena of cultural transfer plays an important role in shaping the social and cultural personality of different classes of society and imitating the cultural structure of each society.
Discussion: Sport for all plays a significant role in shaping the social and cultural personality of society, especially in young people. Physical activity and participation in sports programs can play a significant role in improving the physical, psychological and social health of people in the community; therefore, recognizing barriers to participation and lack of participation of sports people in each country with the economic status and the level of specific culture of individuals By providing useful information in this regard, the community can help practitioners in formulating community sports programs to expand new ideas and formulate social values and the culture of universal sport among different sections of society.