A Survey of Push and Pull Motivations of Green Sport Event Tourists
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Introduction: Tourism is a very important industry in today's world. The sport tourism, in fact is the combination of two sports and tourism industries. By increasing on the concept of sustainable development in societies for green events, this study seeks to provide a tourism motivation for the sport green event in the treacherous behaviors This study proposes a conceptual framework of push and pull motivation for attracting tourists, and the behavior of tourists of the green sport event is confirmed by the internal and external motivations of these tourists. In other words, they visit deciding a green event to estimate the inner and outer inclinations simultaneously, in order to the selection of event tourism position is based on destination features and tourist location restrictions.
Methodology: This research is applied in terms of purpose and descriptive-survey nature and a questionnaire is used to collect the required data. The statistical population of this research is a survey of green areas and highlands in Tehran, which deal with general and group sport or mountaineering. In order to analyze the data, the statistical method is descriptive and inferential, and SPSS version 20 has been used.
Results: By examining the components of the green and sport events of tourists, the push and pull motivation of the tourists have achieved certain results regarding priorities and selected criteria from the tourists. According to the findings of the research, in the push section, respectively, the preface and prestige, socialization, relaxation, entertainment, self-scrutiny, and everyday escapes have the highest to lowest impact to motivate in the tourists. Also, in the sector of the pull motivation, the convenient and affordable access to services, the importance of the environment, personal development and innovation, and the newness of this style of tourism, are the most pull motivation factor to the least factor of this motivation.
Discussion: In general, the convenient and affordable access to services and facilities for the event venue, the highest priority of motivation and innovation, and the newness of this tourist style, are considered to be the least priority motivation for tourists. The change of human behavior is a complex subject, taking into account each of the motivational factors, the planners of this industry were able to provide a successful performance by providing appropriate services to this type of tourism.