To locate sports facilities in Maragheh city using geographic information system (GIS)
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1PhD student of sport management Gazvin University, Iran
2Master of Physical Education and Physical Education Faculty of Agriculture in charge of Maragha
3PhD student of marketing management and sports media Lecturer of Payam Noor University BONAB
4Ph.D. Student of Geography and Urban Planning Tabriz University, Iran
Introduction: Places and sports spaces are one of the most important urban utilities in order to increase physical and mental health of citizens. optimal location for them is one of the most important tasks of managers, officials and urban planners. In recent years, rapid population growth and disproportionate physical development in large cities have created complex and unresolved problems. urban development in the past decades has been such that it has led to imbalances in the use of urban land and has turned the villages into small cities and towns into big cities. therefore the purpose of this study is to locate sports facilities in Maragheh city using geographic information system (GIS).
Methodology: The type of research is applied and its method is descriptive-analytic. the statistical population of this research is all sports spaces of Maragheh city and the statistical sample is equal to the statistical population as the whole number (N = 56). In this study, using the available methods in GIS, the analysis of fitness of sports spaces in the study area was investigated. weighing to various parameters was also done using the Export ‌Choice software. Finally, the indices for the composition of the layers were used to coincide.
Results: The findings of the research show that 11.68 percent of the space for the location of sports places is very undesirable, 36.33 percent is relatively undesirable, 17.58 percent is indifferent, 23.93 percent is relatively desirable, 10.5 percent is highly desirable. the results of this study show that more than 47% of sporting venues are in unfavorable or totally unfavorable position relative to their neighboring applications, which results in a lot of financial and time expenditures.
Discussion: Finally, what can be said about the status of sports spaces in Maragheh is that these spaces are not in a good position and this day it becomes more acute. therefore it is necessary to survey this problem with a basic plan.