Effects of Organizational Learning on the Brand Reputation of Sport Companies in the Northwest of Iran
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Introduction: Brand reputation is considered a major intangible asset of any company or firm. Researchers have come to the conclusion that brand reputation increases people’s willingness to buy products whether for the first purchase and re-purchases. Brand reputation helps customers choose products and services from the other products and services and the companies compete in the competitive market. In the present era when all organizational activities are based on organizational knowledge and learning, the employees could be empowered by increasing the exchange of information among the employees and the attention to the organizational learning elements and brand reputation of the company can be developed through raising the employees’ awareness. Therefore, the present study aims to investigate the effect of organizational learning on brand reputation of sporting companies in the Northwest of Iran.
Methodology: The research methodology is descriptive-correlational. The statistical population of the study consisted of 642 employees of sport companies in the Northwest of Iran. Using Cochran's formula, the sample size was determined to be 241 and the data were collected using cluster random sampling. To measure brand reputation, questionnaire of Parhizgar et al. (2012) with 8 items and Gomez’s organizational learning questionnaire (2005) with 16 items were used. For data analysis, multiple regression was used.
Results: The results showed that organizational learning elements explained 47.3% of brand reputation changes. The results of regression coefficients indicated that only management commitment elements were significant for organizational learning and systemic viewpoint and the highest share of effectiveness was related to the systemic viewpoint element with a beta value of β=0.504.
Discussion: The study results showed the significant positive effect of organizational learning on brand reputation. Regarding the study results, it can be suggested that managers of organizations should regard organizational learning as a valuable phenomenon in today's competitive world and train their employees for the company’ success, brand promotion and the creation of a better future, so that they effectively and sustainably pursue learning and adapt to the changes in order to maintain their survival. By increasing the learning ability of the company, errors and mistakes are always discussed and employees consult each other about ideas and plans, and thus brand reputation grows.