Investigating the Consequences of Advertising of Body Images on Athletes behavior at Gyms for Men and Women
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2PhD in Sport Management, Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Science, Islamic Azad University Central Tehran Branch.
3Department of Sport Management in Islamic Azad University of Mashhad branch, Iran.
Introduction: A significant number of men and women seek to get the ideal body through pictures in gyms. This has led to a sharp rise in dissatisfaction with the body, and as a result of its spread to a variety of diseases, physical, psychological and social damage. The purpose of this study was to investigate the consequences of advertising of body images on athlete behavior at Gyms for Men and Women.
Methodology:The current research is based on the nature and purpose of the applied research type, in terms of the time of searching for data of a contemporary type, in terms of the type of data search is of qualitative research type and in terms of analytical and exploratory research type analysis, the data Survey face was collected. The statistical population of the study consisted of all men and women active in gym clubs of Mashhad. Totally, randomly and voluntarily, 110 individuals (50 men and 60 women) were selected as the sample.Data was collected using open interviewing tools. The validity of the tool was approved by the university's experts and professors. The data were analyzed by SPSS software version 21 and analyzed by descriptive and inferential statistics.
Results: The findings showed that in 94% of the samples under investigation, physical advertising in the club caused dissatisfaction with their own body (negative evaluation of size, shape and body weight), which was significantly higher among women, and this dissatisfaction Through the perception of the distinction between the real body image and the ideal body image. The findings showed that women are heavily exposed to slimming beauty standards that are advertised in the images, and men are also exposed to the ideal skinny and muscular body, which in both genders increase the body's dissatisfaction and negative impact. The results also showed that the advertising of ideal body images in gyms encourages people to take unauthorized drugs that have a better effect than exercise on physical fitness, and this was observed more in women.
Discussion: Regarding the results of the research and the existence of more negative effects on the advertising of physical images in relation to its positive effects, it is suggested that images be used to display individuals during activity in order to create this understanding in athletes who through regular activity should Perfect body.