The Relationship between Internal Marketing and Job Satisfaction with Organizational Performance Sport and Youth Offices in Tehran province
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Introduction: The world today, especially the world of organizations, Undergoes dramatic and continuous transformations And all aspects of the organization of indoor and outdoor environments , From human factors to inhumanity and all are changing Under such circumstances, organizations are trying to survive And to be able In a turbulent environment around Maintain. Sports Organizations Also from this No exception are not. Sports organizations Evening Present at Exposed Constant changes and various demands have Putting. It is therefore essential to these organizations to keep Place And being successful in the organizational mission with scientific methods Improve your performance Forgiven. One of the most important Components Measurement and evaluation an organization is its organizational Performance. Job satisfaction one Another is an important variable of the organization. In fact attitude that the person has about his job.internal marketing is another Variables in organizations that Employees Considers as The first customers of the organization. The purpose of this research study was Relationship between Internal Marketing And job satisfaction with organizational performance in staff Directorate General of Youth and Sports in Tehran province.
Methodology: Research method, descriptive in a kind of correlation and Statistical population of Research was formed 209 Employees of General Administration of Sport and Youth Tehran province. To determine the sample size was used from the Cochran formula, and 136 individuals were selected as samples. Their choice sampling method Fits the volume of population was carried and performed. And for collecting data was used from researcher-made questionnaire. Questionnaires included From Forman & Manney Internal Marketing Questionnaire, Minnesota Job Satisfaction and Yang's organizational performance that their reliability whit using Cronbach's alpha was 0.84. To determine the validity of the questionnaire was used from the viewpoint of experts. To analyze the findings Research in the descriptive statistics (Abundance,mean,standard deviation), in the inferential part (Single sample t-test, Kolmogorov-Smirnov, SME) were used. As well as for data analysis was used Spss22 and lisrel8.7 software.
Results: According to the results there was direct relation with factor load %42 Between internal marketing and organizational performance, Between job satisfaction and organizational performance With a factor of 48% and job satisfaction as a mediator role has load 82% direct relationship with Internal marketing and organizational performance.
Discussion: Bonus components, leadership style and organizational communication have the most relationship with research variables so sports organizations to achieve their final goal have to pay attention to the satisfaction of the people.