Qualitative analysis of managerial challenges for Mashhad private swimming pools
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1faculty member of farhangian university
2Assistant Professor of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Mashhad, Khorasan Razavi, Iran,
3Assistant Professor in Sport Management, Imam Reza International University of Mashhad, Iran
Introduction: Today’s sports organizations whether educational or sport service continuously encounter evolutions and therefore have to constantly monitor the circumference in order to adopt to the changes in appropriate times and according to their needs. Swimming pools are among the most popular sports venues and have their challenges. In this paper we try to identify the challenges which the private swimming pool managers encounter.
Methodology: Grounded theory based qualitative analysis were used to examine the agenda. At the beginning cause-related and context condition and interferes were recognized, then the discussion and conclusion according to the opinions of interviewees were presented. Managers of private swimming pools form the population of the research. Samples were selected based on snow ball method, and only 12 interviews were accomplished because of theoretical saturation. After the open, selective, and axial coding as well as the current literature, the following results were reached.
Results: According to the interviewees’ opinions cause-related conditions include the categories of cultural views and social beliefs, the database, the specialist facilities and technical resources, and the sources of water supply. Intervening conditions include marketing, branding, market segmentation and the lack of attention to customer relationship management (CRM): Context conditions include the number of locations, pool equipment, advertising, trained manpower, diversity in related services, prices, accessories and leisure enrichment.
Discussion: Strategies based on the aforementioned conditions include health impact, and desirable way to enrich leisure time, the possibility of investment and capability of attracting capital, public acceptance, social networks and alternative activities, respectively.. Finally, creating a database with the aim of categorizing information and the possibility of studying the behavior of customers, using new technologies, branding, using social networks, customer relationship management, paying attention to the training of skilled and technical manpower were considered as the most important outcomes. According to the results, there are lots of challenges for private swimming pool managers to develop, hence the swimming pool managers can use the suggested strategies to develop their enterprise.