The pattern strategic planning with approach sport tourism development in Tabriz city
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1Master of Physical Education and Physical Education Faculty of Agriculture in charge of Maragha
2PhD student of marketing management and sports media Lecturer of Payam Noor University BONAB
3PhD student of sport management Gazvin University, Iran
4Physical education teachers of Maragheh
Introduction: Tourism as a modern industry has had a major impact on the economic, social and cultural conditions of the world in recent years and sport tourism is one of the major areas of tourism industry. sport tourism is a part of the development of tourism, which according to statistics, accounts for about 32% of the world's tourism achievements. according to the world tourism organization statistics, tourism also accounts for 43% of the world's businesses in relation to the tourism industry. for example, from 1997 to 2005, sport tourism raised an annualized 13 percent increase in gross national product generated by economic activity. sports tourism in our country is new and considering that some countries have been studying sports tourism for more than a decade, so it is necessary to carry out a special research in this field. therefore the purpose of this research was to present a strategic planning pattern with sport tourism development approach in Tabriz city.
Methodology: This study was cross-sectional. the statistical population of this study is all senior managers of physical education of sport and youth department of Tabriz city, elite and sports heroes of Tabriz, managers of cultural and tourism heritage organization of Tabriz city. that their were numbers 30. according to limited staticals population, research sample was used to population census method. for collect information were used from researchers questionnaire to collect information. for data analysis, were used from the strategic management techniques that is based on internal and external factors.
Results: The findings showed that, due to favorable geographical conditions, the internal matrix of the final score (3.114) and thus overcome the region's strengths on weaknesses. also The final score external matrix (2.997) was calculated which states opportunities facing the development of sailing and in the city of Maragheh is more than threats.
Discussion: Finally, the dominant strategy for the planning and management of sport tourism is invasive (SO), which leads to the extraction of four dominant and superior strategies (a): SO1-extension of the culture of native, traditional and Iranian games. (B): SO2- development of competitions, tournaments ,Sporting training camps and sports festivals; (c): SO3- the development of sports ecotourism; and (d): SO4-the development of relationship marketing and communication in the field of sports tourism development.