Evaluation the Performance of the Football Federation Refereeing Department from the Referee's Viewpoint Using the BSC method
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Paper ID : 1396-11THCONF
1Sanabad university, golbahar, iran
2Assistant Professor in Sport Management, Imam Reza International University of Mashhad, Iran
3Ph. D. Candidate of Sport Management, Ferdowsi University, Mashhad, Iran
Introduction: The profession of football refereeing is one of the most controversial discussions of the Iranian and world sports circles, facing many problems; therefore, considering that referees are an essential element in a football match, and so far no union has been formed to support referees such as the United Kingdom in Iran, their problems are of great importance. For this reason, the present study evaluates the performance of the refereeing department of the football federation from the viewpoint of the referees.
Methodology: The statistical population of the study consisted of 150 national and international referees who judged in the Premier League and First Division, all of whom were considered as a statistical sample (N= 150). In order to collect data, a performance evaluation questionnaire using balanced scorecard was used that included 32 items and four components of growth and learning, financial, customer and internal processes, and were designed in two parts: current and desirable situation. In order to confirm the face and content validity, the questionnaire was provided to seven sports professors and after those necessary corrections has been made; also the Cronbach's alpha test was used to determine the reliability of the questionnaire.
Results: The results of the study showed that there is a significant priority between the components studied and none of the research components are in desirable conditions.
Discussion: Therefore, according to the results, it is recommended that this department direct its full potential in identifying and satisfying the basic needs of the customers (referees). Establishing a reward system is one of the solutions that this department can use to encourage and satisfy the referees. Also, the creation of appropriate personal and professional security for these individuals should be placed on the agenda of this department in order to increase the growth of this profession. Finally, paying attention to cultural problems and creating a good atmosphere in the stadiums can help the referees calmly.