The impact of relationship marketing on attract football spectators
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Introduction: Sport is one of the phenomena that has a dominant influence in modern society. The sports industry include sectors such as sports goods, marketing, sponsorship and financial support, professional sports, sportswear, sports media and recreational sports, and is growing every year. Sport and sports activities, attract many spectators to watch sporting events at the Stadium. Meanwhile, sport undoubtedly is the most popular, attractive and Most viewed sport, and it effects on the lot of people. In Today, the world's big clubs are looking to introduce their name to people and through new marketing methods for attract more fans to watch their teams' games. Today, marketing methods and tactics in different areas are developing and expanding. The final recommendation of all new marketing approaches in a competitive market is customer maintenance. According to these cases, customers who have long-standing relationships with the organization, have more profitable than any other customer's organization. Relationship marketing is one of the marketing aspects that its objective is long-term relationship with the customers. The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of relationship marketing on attracting football spectators.
Methodology: The research method was descriptive-correlational and was carried out whit using structural equations modeling. The statistical population of the research was the spectators of Esteghlal and Persepolis football clubs that used a random sampling method, the sample size was 384, of which were collected 334 questionnaires. The questionnaire was used to collect data. To check validity, the questionnaires were distributed among 11 faculty members and sports management specialists and PhD students, Comments and suggestions were considered in the preliminary questionnaire and then the final questionnaires was prepared by approval of supervisors and advisor teacher. To determine of the reliability of the questionnaire by conducting a pilot study, the questionnaire was distributed among 30 Samples and after collecting, using the Cronbach's alpha method, the reliability of the questionnaires was calculated that Reliability of questionnaires with 83/0 was acceptable. For data analysis is used spss 22 and LISREL 8.8 software.
Results: Research findings showed that relationship marketing effects on the attraction of football spectator that among the components of relationship marketing, support and patronage is most effective.
Discussion: Due to the results of the research, sports managers should seek to establish a relationship marketing field in their sports clubs, in order to be able to maintain their spectators and fans.